Lobscouse »Hamburg Style« served with a fried Egg, ½ Rollmop and Beetroot   

€ 9,50

Dutch Pickled Herring served on brown Bread and home-style cooked Sauce                                                                                                                                                        

€  8,50

North Sea Crab Salad with Cucumber, Apple, Garden Radish and Dill, served on roasted brown Bread and fresh Leaf Salad                                                                      

€  9,50

Caesar Salad with Croutons, Pine Nuts and fresh Parmesan Shavings

€  9,00

Goat Cheese with Fig Mustard, au gratin, served on Beetroot Salad and old Balsamic Vinegar

€  9,50


Tomato Soup with Slices of herbalized Pancakes                                                    

€ 6,50

Hamburg Eel Soup, sweet-and-sour, with fresh Eel Filet and dried Fruits                

€ 8,50

Büsum Crab Soup with Dill Cream                                             

€ 7,90


Lobscouse »Hamburg Style« with fried Eggs, Rollmop and Beetroot               

€ 16,50

Pickled Herring Filets »Home-Style Cooking« served with a creamy Sauce with Apples, Onions, Gherkins and fried Potatoes

€  16,50

Kaleplate ,with smoked loin of pork,smoked sausage,bacon and caramelised potatoes

€ 18,95

Homemade Beef Roulade served with Red Cabbage and Parsley Potatoes

€  18,50


Tagliatelle with fresh Salmon served with Lobster Sauce

€  18,50



Vegetable Strudel (Root crops strudel)

served with oyster mushrooms,hazelnuts and ranson cream

€ 17,50


Round Steak 200g served with green Asparagus, baked Potato and Sour Cream

€ 22,50

Corn fed Chicken, roasted on Skin, served with creamy Sweetheart Cabbage and herbal Potato Mash

€ 20,50

Grand Escalope «Viennese Style» with fried Potatoes and  a small homemade cucumber salad with dill

€ 17,50


»Hamburg Pannfish«, different, Fish Filets, roasted with Onios, served with  Mustard Sauce, fried Potatoes and a small homemade cucumber salad with dill

€ 18,50

Roasted Zander or Wolffish served with fresh Vegetables, White Wine Sauce, Peas and Rice

€ 19,80

Freshly Caught Plaice »Finkenwerder Style« served with Parsley Potatoes and Bacon

€ 19,50

Fish Platter »Krameramtsstuben«, roasted Filets of Salmon, Zander and Wolffish, garnished with a Prawn, served with buttered Potatoes and Dill Cream

€ 23,50


Hamburg Red Fruit Jelly with Custard                                                                           

€ 7,50

Chocolate Chick, with Vanilla Ice Cream and Black Currant Sauce                

€ 9,50

Hot Cinnamon Plums with Walnut Ice Cream                                               

€ 9,50

»Krameramtsstuben« Sorbet Variation, 3 different Sorbets                   

€ 9,50